Working in the Trades is a Trade Life lifestyle

What is your Trade Life lifestyle? Are you working in the trades? Do you have a favorite shirt, pants or boots that you wear daily? Are you going for comfort or style while you are working? How about combining comfort and style for your Trade Life work-wear?

What is a Trade Life lifestyle?

It’s a working man or woman’s way of life. It’s starting your day with a task that requires skill and determination. It’s about using your hands and tools to build something meaningful. It’s a day of hard physical work to come home with a feeling of accomplishment. A Trade Life lifestyle is a career in the trades. It’s an occupation that requires a special skill, knowledge, and ability. It’s a way of life!

Why wear Trade Life work-wear?Black Gear Trade Life TShirt B

What you wear may not be important to you. But, promoting your special skill and knowledge is what Trade Life is all about. We are promoting the tradesman, tradeswoman, tradesperson – the skilled trade. A lifestyle in the trades requires work experience, on-the-job training. It’s not like you pick up a hammer and start swinging. It takes skill and knowledge before the hammer meets the nail. Trade Life work-wear combines comfort and durability to promote skilled trades.

How to promote a Trade Life lifestyle.

There are four sectors in the skilled trades. Construction, Industrial/Manufacturing, Motive Power, and Service. There are over 300 different types of Trades. The Trades have been second fiddle to college when choosing a career path. We need more collaboration by Tradespeople to promote their industry. This creates a wave of recruitment for the Trades. Many people talk about their Trade to others. But the power is visual. Wearing lifestyle work-wear that promotes Trade Life. It’s a way to show others about the Trades instead of talking about it!

Get a Trade Life Shirt.Olive Camo Trade Life TShirt B

Start promoting your pride in the Trades with a Trade Life T-shirt. It’s a great way to promote your skilled profession. It’s a way to spark a conversation about what you do for a living. It’s a way to show and tell others about your specialized talent and knowledge. Trade Life involves true grit and ruggedness. It’s like a cowboy in the Trades. Growing up a lot of people want to be a cowboy. Wearing a Trade Life T-shirt can inspire young children to go into the Trades!

Promote your Trade Life with a Car Decal.
Trade Life Vehicle Decal

Drive around town with a Trade Life car or truck decal. Place it on the back window or bumper so that it’s visible. It will create curiosity from other drivers wondering what Trade Life is all about. It will give you the opportunity to tell others about your special skills and knowledge in your Trade. It may even create a job opportunity for you!

Get your Trade Life Lifestyle On Today!

Trade Life™ is a lifestyle brand for the tradesman or woman. Trade Life™ is for people who live the trades as their professional career. Their mission is for the tradesman or woman to be proud to wear their gear. Trade Life™ is a life-calling vocational journey and represents a style of work. Represent your trade with Trade Life™!