Trade Life™ Gives Back

Giving Back

The management and employees at Trade Life are passionate about helping the community. We have chosen to partner with Boys Town and donate 10% of our sales to this organization. 

What is Boys Town?

Boys Town works to create opportunities for America’s underprivileged youth. It serves as one of the largest nonprofit childcare agencies in the country. They focus on helping children and families with behavioral, physical and emotional problems.

Along with providing online resources, Boys Town has 9 locations across the country. These locations provide in-person counseling as well as other resources. Among these resources is the Trade Life Program.

Boys Town and the Trade Life

The Trade Life program in Boys Town provides education in the skilled-trades to youth. Those who take part in this program are able to master skills that they can take outside of Boys Town. Participants are able to enter the workforce by means of a skilled-trades profession.

The program also serves as communication between Boys Town mentors and youth participants. Training in the skilled-trades creates a bond between the mentee and mentor. Boys Town mentors are able to continue to counsel participants and provide guidance.

The program pushes its participants to:

  • Continue their education or employment for at least 30 hours a week
  • To play a part in their community through work church or other organizations
  • Stay out of trouble with the law.

The Trade Life provides the building blocks for a bright future to our nation’s at-risk youth.

For more information and/or donate visit: https://www.boystown.org/Pages/default.aspx