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Is Trade Life your working lifestyle? Some of the highest paying trades in America come from a short skills-based education. Trade Life is a working lifestyle that provides some of the most satisfying jobs. These jobs can be mentally challenging with physical and hands-on work. Trade Life is a working lifestyle that brings that special joy of pride and achievement. Trade Life is a working lifestyle that offers the opportunity for financial prosperity. It is the opportunity of enjoyment to work hard and get paid well.

Trade Life is a Working Lifestyle

You may be wondering what a lifestyle has to do with work.  Work is that everyday activity that is completed in exchange for payment.  We all get that concept, but learning a specific skill or trade is a lifestyle.  You can’t lose what you have learned and acquired as a skill.  It becomes part of your DNA.  It’s something you know so well you could do in your sleep.  Once a plumber, always a plumber.  Once a nurse, always a nurse.  It’s a learned innate transformation.  It becomes who you are.  So, Trade Life is a working lifestyle for those in skilled professions.  Let’s take a look at some of the top skilled trades.

The Most Popular Skilled Trades

The skilled trades are the only profession where you can learn and earn. You go to school to learn the specific trade. You work and earn money to apply the knowledge to the skill. You learn the educational requirements and gain the necessary experience while working.

  • Skin Care specialistTrade Life | HVAC
  • Barber and Hairstylists
  • Automotive Service and body repair Technician
  • Carpenter
  • Plumber
  • Construction worker
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Cook, Baker, Chef
  • Building Contractor
  • Appliance Repair Technician
  • HVAC Technician
  • Electrical Technician
  • Painter
  • Landscape Architect

The Highest Paying Skilled Trade

The following trade school jobs list features occupations by the highest average pay. The list does not include jobs which start by training as an apprentice.
An example would be a trade which provides their own in-house training programs. Other high-paying trades not included in this list:

  • elevator repairelevator repair | Trade Life
  • structural ironwork
  • rail car repair
  • telecommunications repair

It is beneficial to get a pre-apprenticeship education with any trade. It’s important to graduate from a trade school before approaching potential employers.
Here are some of America’s highest paying trade school jobs. (According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2018 estimates.)

1. Construction Manager

  • Average hourly pay—$49.57
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $77.65
  • Job—Planning, overseeing, and handling the coordination of construction or maintenance activities.

2. Rotary Drill Operator for the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Average hourly pay—$27.28
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $42.21
  • Job—Extracting oil or natural gas from underground sources using large drilling equipment

3. Boilermaker

  • Average hourly pay—$30.41
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $43.24
  • ob—Assembling, installing, fixing large vessels designed to hold liquids or gases.

4. Aircraft Mechanic

  • Average hourly pay—$31.36
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $47.03
  • Job—Inspecting, repairing, adjusting, and overhauling airplane or helicopter engines.

5. Avionics Technician

  • Average hourly pay—$31.41
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $45.54
  • Job—Installing, testing, and fixing high-tech equipment used in space vehicles or planes. For purposes like navigation, radar detection, weather tracking, radio communications, and weapons control

6. Pile-Driver Operator

  • Average hourly pay—$30.94
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $48.24
  • Job—Using large pile-driving machines mounted on barges, cranes, or skids. Hammering long beams of steel, wood, or concrete into the ground as part of a big construction project

7. Plumber, Pipefitter, or Steamfitter

  • Average hourly pay—$27.96
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $45.05
  • Job—Installing or repairing pipes and equipment used for water, gas, and sanitation.

8. Electrician

  • Average hourly pay—$28.46
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $45.49
  • Job—Wiring buildings for electrical power, lighting, or communications systems.

9. Crane Operator

  • Average hourly pay—$27.96
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $41.98
  • Job—Lifting and moving construction materials, manufactured products, or machinery.

10. Wind Turbine Technician

  • Average hourly pay—$27.88
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $40.17
  • Job—Installing, inspecting, fixing, and maintaining large wind turbines used for generating electricity.

11. Millwright

  • Average hourly pay—$27.04
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $38.78
  • Job—Assembling industrial machines, maintenance and repair, and dismantling them when necessary.

12. Brick Mason

  • Average hourly pay—$26.17
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $40.52
  • Job—Constructing walls structures by binding bricks, cinder blocks, and structural tiles.

13. Commercial Diver

  • Average hourly pay—$28.59
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $52.01
  • Job—Using construction tools to build, inspect, and fix components underwater.

14. Industrial Machinery Mechanic

  • Average hourly pay—$25.96
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $37.59
  • Job—Fixing, maintaining or putting together machines used for industrial processes. This includes manufacturing or oil, gas, or chemical refining and distribution.

15. CNC Machine Tool Programmer

  • Average hourly pay—$27.07
  • Top-end hourly pay—over $40.06
  • Job—Giving instructions to computer-controlled machinery to make tools, molds, and dies.

Skilled Trades Careers equip you with Benefits

Do you know of anyplace else you can gain benefits while learning a job? A job in the skilled trades can provide the following benefits:

  • Self-confidence – mastering a skill and expertise.
  • Leadership Experience – learning how to be a manager of a project and your own time.
  • Fun and fulfilling “hands-on” career experiences – complete work projects daily.
  • Community service opportunities – there is always a need for an extra pair of hands to help others.
  • College & Career readiness – go from student to professional in a matter of months not years.

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