Making Your Career Choice: Working in the Trades

Have you thought about what career opportunities you have after High School? Most students think to go to college. Get a degree and the rest of your life is a cake-walk. Most students believe the college ticket guarantees a job upon graduation. But, this isn’t the case. Many college graduates find themselves job searching after graduation. Some graduates settle for a career not in their chosen line of study. They make a choice because of financial burdens.

“Most Students Never Consider Working in the Trades”

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Most students don’t know about the opportunity of working in the Trades. They aren’t exposed to the Trades by a parent or mentor. They have no idea what a career looks like in the Trades. The Trades include a wide variety of skill sets. Students aren’t’ offered academic classes to expose the Trades. The Trades include fields such as PlumbingHVACElectrical. Roofing, Carpentry, Machinist, Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Wind Turbine Technician, are some others.

“By Working in the Trades , You Get Paid While Going to School”

Working in the Trades requires students to have on the job training. Thus, a student earns a wage to work and learn. It’s a win-win. Students go to the classroom after hours and finish their schooling. During the day they are able to use what they learn in the classroom in real-life applications. The hone-in on their skill set and begin to master the job. They build confidence in knowing how to do something and aren’t afraid to take on new tasks.

“Working in the Trades is a Rewarding Lifestyle”

Men and women working in the Trades know what a hard day of work is. They are often tired after a day of work and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they built something. They serve others in a capacity of using their skill-set and find joy in knowing they help. Learning a Trade is a lifetime asset. The world is always going to need people who can fix household items. Having a skill is such a benefit when it comes to a secure job. Plus, having a skill is beneficial to help family and friends. It’s a talent that you own forever.

How to Get Into the Trades

It’s important for every high school student to shadow someone in a field of interest. If you are considering a career in Plumbing, then contact a local Plumber and go for a ride-along. Observe the daily tasks and determine if it’s a good fit for you. If you have always wanted to drive a big piece of equipment, contact a Crane company. Ask if you can shadow a crane operator for one day. Be active in learning more about the various Trades. Ask questions to ensure you gain insight into the Trade you are looking into. Also, be sure to ask about the salary ranges. It’s important to write down how much college will cost and compare it to what you could make in the Trades.

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