Where Can I Buy Plumbing T-Shirt Designs?

Plumbing T-shirt Designs

Plumbing t-shirt designs can be found all over the web. However, finding the right plumbing t-shirt design can be a challenge. First, you have to know what you are looking for. Do you want something funny, something the screams plumbing, or something that is incognito? After you decide on these, you also need to know your expectations of this t-shirt. Do you want it to last multiple washes, or are you looking for something to wear just a few times? After you determine these factors, you will know exactly where to go to buy a plumbing t-shirt design.

The Funny

When looking for funny plumbing t-shirts, the first t-shirt you will find is the plumber crack t-shirts. While these shirts are hilarious, they may not be the right one for everybody! Be specific when looking for plumbing t-shirts. If you want a funny shirt with a pipe wrench, then lookup one using the word “pipe wrench”. Below you will find some examples of funny plumbing t-shirt designs that have been found on Amazon. Amazon is one of the best resources if you are looking for something every specific. Like a funny plumbing pipe wrench t-shirt.

The Black and White

Are you looking for something more black and white? There are plenty of plumbing t-shirt designs that simply say “plumber”. This t-shirt is one of you more common t-shirts. They don’t leave anything to the imagination. They are straight to point and say exactly who you are. She researching this type of t-shirt, reference the phrase “plumbing t-shirt”. This will be your best bet for finding a simple plumbing t-shirt design. Below, you will find some great shoppable t-shirts.

The Incognito

If you are looking for something that isn’t straight forward like a “plumber” t-shirt or a funny shirt, there are still options for you! Trade Life™ is a lifestyle clothing line that supports all trades, not just plumbing specific. Trade Life™ t-shirts show your pride for the trade without having to be funny or very straight forward. Check out a couple of their t-shirt designs below. All of the Trade Life™ t-shirts are made from a cotton blended material called Jersey. This means that the t-shirts are very soft to the touch, but hold up in the washing machine.


Now you need to know your expectation for your t-shirt. Do you know the material you are looking for? Do you know how long you need this t-shirt to last? How do you want your t-shirt to fit? These are all topics to consider before you order your plumbing t-shirt design.

How Does it Fit?

It is important to know what kind of fit you want in a t-shirt. If you like something that is loose and not clingy to the body, then you will like the traditional fit. If you like something that is closer to the body and more fitted, then you will like trim fit. The fits are important to pay attention to so you know what to expect. The fits also help you determine how to dry your t-shirt. Typically you do not want to dry a trim fit t-shirt as the shirt is already meant to be fitted, you don’t want it to get much tighter. A traditional fit should be fine in the dryer as it is a boxier cut. To learn more about fit, click here.

What’s it Made of?

This is also an important factor to consider when buying a t-shirt. The material of the plumbing t-shirt design can make or break your expectation of the t-shirt. Cotton t-shirts are known for being soft. They are also known for being the most likely to shrink. Since cotton is so pure, it is easily manipulated. Polyester t-shirts are known for keeping their shape. If you wash things a lot, this will be the t-shirt that will hold up the best. Although polyester gives off a synthetic feel, it should not shrink. A Blended fabric, like jersey, will be the best bet for someone who doesn’t really know the specific fabric that they want. It is also the most common fabric as it is cotton blended with another material like polyester. Since it is blended, the material is soft to the touch but durable in the washing machine. To learn more about materials, click here.

Time to Shop!

Now that you know where to shop and what to look for, you are the plumbing t-shirt design expert! Keep in mind what kind of plumbing t-shirt you are looking for. This will help you narrow down your searches and hopefully find the right t-shirt without any trouble. You should also pay attention to the fit of you t-shirt and what is it made out of. This way you know exactly what to expect when your t-shirt arrives in the mail.

Trade Life™

Trade Life™ is a lifestyle brand for the tradesman or woman. Trade Life™ is for people who live the trades as their professional career. Their mission is for the tradesman or woman to be proud to wear their gear. Trade Life™ is a life-calling vocational journey and represents a style of work. Represent your trade with Trade Life™!

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