The Best Plumbing T-Shirt Designs

Plumbing T-Shirt Designs

Finding the best plumbing t-shirt designs is easier said than done. Have you ever ordered a t-shirt from online that you didn’t like the fit of or the material was not what you expected? Below you will learn about what makes a t-shirt the right choice for you. You will also find the best plumbing t-shirt designs!

How to Find the Best Plumbing T-Shirt Designs

The best shirts for one person, may not be the best shirt for another. Your expectation of a t-shirt may also be different from reality. Start with the fiber break down as a way to determine which Plumbing T-shirt Designs are best for you. Cotton, Polyester, and blends are the three most common t-shirt materials.

Fiber Breakdown


Cotton Features

Cotton is a fiber that comes from the cotton plant. The fabric is great for a soft feel against one’s skin. It is lightweight and best for everyday use.


Polyester Features

Polyester is a manufactured fiber. It is knowns to be strong, quick-drying, wrinkle-free, and comfortable. It does have a synthetic feel. It is best used for sports, fitness, and outdoor attire.

Poly-Cotton Blend

50/50 Blend Features

A Poly-Cotton blend is a cross between cotton and polyester. The design of this material is to be lightweight. It has cooling technology, wrinkle resistance, and is built to last. The fiber blend is softer than polyester and holds shape better than cotton. It is best for everyday use. 

Will It Shrink?

“Will it shrink” is the most common question customers have when buying clothing. The facts are fibers shrink, but some shrink more than others. Materials made of 100% cotton are the ones that will shrink the most. Cotton is the purest form. As a result, the fibers are manipulated. This is why blended fibers are more preferable for clothing as they shrink less. 

Vinyl vs. Screen Printing

First, decide which material is best for you. Then consider how you want your plumbing t-shirt designs printed. Different t-shirts use different treatments for their designs. Are you looking for a design that is bold and bright? Do you want a design with a raised texture or something flat? Some designs allow more flexibility and are softer to the touch. 

Printing Breakdown


Vinyl Print Features

Vinyl is a heat transferred design to the garment. This means that each piece is first to cut then infused onto the shirt with iron, like a permanent sticker. This material is thicker than the average t-shirt design and has a raised texture. 

Vinyl printing is for fast production. Companies that are made-to-order and ship in small quantities use vinyl. Vinyl is preferred for more basic designs. For example text-based designs or shapes. Names and numbers on uniforms are printed with vinyl. 

Screen Printing

Screen Print Features

Screen printed t-shirts use a stencil. When the stencil goes onto the garment, dyes are then infused into the desired area. Thus, allowing color mixing and shading for a realistic design. This process leaves the garment with flexibility and a flat surface. 

Screen Printing is used in mass production. Screen printing creates images with a much higher level of detail. For example photographs and intricate designs. 

Best Plumbing T-Shirt Designs​


1) Trade Life™ T-Shirt Designs

This Go With The Flow tee is the perfect graphic tee for any plumber! They can represent their trade and show they are a proudly licensed plumber. The makeup of this shirt is a 50/50 Cotton-Poly blend. Plus, it includes 5% of the Polyester coming from recycled plastic bottles. The “Real Plumber” logo is through screen press. This t-shirt is available in men’s and women’s sizing. The Real Plumber t-shirt is only $25.

Trade Life | Go with the Flow

2) Licensed Plumbing Contractor T-Shirt

The Licensed Plumbing Contractor t-shirt keeps the customer in mind. The PHCEid identification is screen printed onto the sleeve. This allows room for your companies logo on the chest. These t-shirts are available in both men’s and women’s sizing and a variety of colors. The makeup of the t-shirt is 100% cotton so you can expect it to be soft to the touch. These tees range from $16-$24. 

Plumbing T-Shirt Designs


Plumbing T-Shirt Designs Found on Amazon

Amazon is full of different Plumbing T-Shirt Designs. Narrowing it down to the right one might take some work. Amazon allows different companies and even people to sell through their website. Reading the garment description is key when shopping on Amazon. Below are Amazon’s best sellers for Plumbing T-Shirt Designs. If you would like to see more, click here! 

3) Funny Plumber Apparel

This t-shirt by Funny Plumber Apparel is on Amazon. The fiber content is 100% cotton for the solid colors and 90% cotton 10% polyester for the heathered colors. With these blends, the probability of shrinking increases. Be mindful of shrink-ability when picking your size. This seller offers this t-shirt in 4 different colors and styles for men and women. The print on the shirt is vinyl so it will have a raised texture. These t-shirts are $17.

Plumber T-Shirt

4) Plumber Ninja T-Shirt on Amazon

Everyone needs a Plumber Ninja t-shirt in their closet. This t-shirt ranges in sizes for men, women, and even youth. The cost is $18. The makeup of this shirt is 100% cotton for solid colors and 58% Cotton, 42% Polyester for the heathered colors. The heathered colors will be the least likely to shrink when washing. They keep their shape a little better. The design is a screen print. 

Plumber Ninja T-Shirt

5) Plumber T-Shirt on Amazon

Get the “Plumber” t-shirt that is straight to the point! With 4 different color options. The solid colored tees are 100% cotton so keep this in mind when ordering your size. The heathered colors are a 50/50 blend so you should not worry about shrinking in the wash. This Plumber tee is only available in men’s sizing. So, ladies, when ordering you will want to go one size down (depending on your desired fit). This t-shirt sells for $18. 

Plumber T-Shirt

Take Care of Your T-Shirt



You should not bleach a screen printed or vinyl t-shirt. The chemical will fade the design. For best practices, you should machine wash cold with like colors. If you turn your t-shirt inside out this will also prevent color fading in the design. This works especially for screen printed designs. 



It is best to hang dry your t-shirts as this method is not harsh on the design. By drying in a dryer you risk the chance of major shrinkage. If you do have to dry your tee, you can machine dry on low heat to avoid melting the design and further shrinking.

Mastered the T-Shirt

Now you should be a t-shirt expert. By mastering the fibers, you will be able to find the most comfortable Plumbing T-shirt Design. Determining if you want a screen print or a vinyl is also an important part when choosing a t-shirt. Be sure to care for your t-shirt as well after all the hard work narrowing it down! Nothing beats a great tee.

Trade Life™

Trade Life™ is a lifestyle brand for the tradesman or woman. Trade Life™ is for people who live the trades as their professional career. Their mission is for the tradesman or woman to be proud to wear their gear. Trade Life™ is a life-calling vocational journey and represents a style of work. Represent your trade with Trade Life!

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