Plumbing T-Shirt Designs: Expectations vs Reality

Expectation vs Reality

Have you ever order a shirt online and got something completely different? Or have you washed a shirt and it is not the same as when you bought it? Plumbing t-shirt designs are something that you don’t find too often in store. In most cases, you have to order them. This is when your expectations can become different from reality.

Expectation vs Reality

The first question you need to ask yourself is, “What is my expectation?” Are you expecting a plumbing t-shirt that will be soft to the touch and not wrinkle? Or are you wanting a t-shirt that holds up in the washer and doesn’t shrink? These are all great expectations to have when shopping for a t-shirt in-store or online. Shopping online might seem like the easiest way to get a plumbing t-shirt. To have your expectation be your reality, you need to do your research before ordering. (Click here for pre-researched plumbing t-shirt designs!) Sometimes the reality is a stretched-out hem and neckline after one wash. You can also have shrinking or even falling apart t-shirts. You also want to make sure it is the fit you are expecting. Follow our checklist below to ensure your t-shirt is up to your expectation.

Expectation vs Reality

Plumbing T-Shirt Online Checklist

When shopping online for a plumbing t-shirt design it is important to create a checklist. A check list helps with your expectations. Most people care about the fit, fabric, and quality. After you research these topics, your plumbing t-shirt will be up to your expectation. Now, how do you determine which fit, fabric, and quality are best for you? Check out our narrowed down checklist below.

Online Checklist


There are 3 basic fits of t-shirts. First, you have trim fit. Second, you have regular/classic fit. Depending on your preferences and body type you will need to figure out which fit is best for you.

Trim Fit

Trim fit will be for the person who likes their shirts cut closer to the body. This fit will be tighter on the body. If you do not like things to cling, then this fit will not be the fit for you. Trim fit is also known as an athletic fit. It is meant to be tight on the body to create less friction while working out.

slim fit

Regular/Classic Fit

Regular fit, also known as classic, is going to be most traditional of fits. This fit is looser on the body. It is also seen as more of a comfort t-shirt design. This fit is for the person who does not like shirts to cling to their body. If a shirt online does not describe it’s fit, chances are it is regular fit.

traditional fit


Finding the right fabric is crucial when buying a t-shirt. To keep up with your expectation, you will want to know what your shirt consists of. This will help determine if your t-shirt will shrink and how it will hang on the body. This will also determine how your shirt will wash. No one wants a stretched out neckline or uneven hem after the first wash. There are a couple of fabrics you will want to look for when choosing your t-shirt. The right materials keep your expectation the same as your reality. Your options will be cotton, polyester, and blends.

washed neckline


Cotton is a fiber that comes from the cotton plant. The fabric is great for a soft feel against one’s skin. It is lightweight and best for everyday use. Cotton is a fiber that will shrink. If you are someone that tosses everything into the dryer, this may not be the best option for you. While it is the softest fiber, it is the most sensitive to heat.


Polyester is a manufactured fiber. It is knowns to be strong, quick drying, wrinkle-free, and comfortable. It does have a synthetic feel. It is best used for sports, fitness, and outdoor attire. 100% polyester clothing is the least likely to shrink. This fiber is durable and heat resistant in the dryer.


A blend is typically a cross between Cotton and polyester. The design of this material is to be lightweight. It has cooling technology, wrinkle resistance, and is built to last. Fiber blend is softer than polyester and holds shape better than cotton. This means that if you throw everything in the dryer, it holds a fighting chance against shrinking. It is best for everyday use. 


Now for quality. Quality is the most important factor here. The quality of a t-shirt design falls on the fit and the fabric. These two factors make up with quality. If you are expecting a Regular Fit 100% cotton t-shirt, in reality, you would have the perfect t-shirt. If you are in-store trying to determine these factors, it will be much easier as you will be able to touch and feel. Online is when this is a bigger challenge. Reading online reviews help when wanting to know the quality of a t-shirt design. You can also look for details like hand dyed, or hand finished. This means that the quality of work is the best. These qualities tend to cost more because more time went into making them.

All Checked Off

Now that you have checked off all your boxes, your expectation will be your reality. If you wanted a trim fit plumbing t-shirt design and that is what the bio said, that is what you should get. If you decided that 100% cotton is the way to go, expect a super soft tee with flexibility. And if the quality is a hand finished t-shirt, know it will be the best. The last thing you have to do is submit your order and wait for your new favorite t-shirt.

online checklist

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