The Best Electrician T-Shirt Designs

Electrician T-Shit

There are many reasons to search for electrician T-shirt designs. Maybe you’re seeking the perfect gift for the electrician in your life. Maybe you run an electrician company, and want to find a “uniform” for your employees. Either way, there are several factors to consider as you look for electrician T-shirt designs.

Choosing the Right Material

The first step in your search is deciding on the right material. T-shirts usually come in one of three materials:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Blend

Each of these T-shirt materials comes with its own set of strengths. Let’s consider each one in greater detail.

Cotton T-Shirts for Electricians

Cotton T-shirts are popular for a number of reasons. The fabric is soft and gentle, and feels great against the skin. Cotton is especially good for those who have sensitive skin. Cotton is lightweight, and provides a comfortable option for those who are hard at work throughout the day.

Polyester T-Shirts for Electricians

While cotton comes from a plant, polyester is a manufactured fiber. It’s an extremely strong, durable fiber. It dries quickly. And, it’s more resistant to wrinkles. As such, a polyester shirt may call for less maintenance than a cotton one.

Blended Shirts for Electricians

Blended shirts, sometimes called poly-cotton blends, combine cotton and polyester. These shirts are made to last, and are good about maintaining their color and their shape. They are cool and wrinkle resistant. And, these shirts don’t shrink.

Which Fibers are Most Likely to Shrink?

When you buy an electrician T-shirt, one thing to think about is whether the shirt will shrink in the wash. The reality is that most fibers shrink, but with some that shrinking will be more extreme. A pure cotton shirt will shrink the most. If you’re looking for something that won’t shrink, a poly-cotton blend is the best bet.

Printing T-Shirts

Printing for Your Electrician T-Shirt

Fiber is one of the foremost concerns when choosing a T-shirt. Another major consideration is printing. That is, how are graphics or lettering printed on the shirt? Here, there are two main options: Vinyl printing and screen printing. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each.

About Vinyl Printing

With vinyl printing, an image is created and then cut. Heat is then used to apply the image to the shirt. This works in much the same way as an iron. The image will usually have a slightly raised texture, and is thicker than the rest of the shirt fabric.

Vinyl printing is considered to be the fast and cheap option. It’s good if you need shirts in a hurry, or if your design is basic. For example, vinyl printing is often used to put a simple company name onto a shirt. It may also be used to print the employee name, business phone number, etc.

About Screen Printing

Screen printed shirts are made via stencil. The stencil is applied to the garment, then dyes are used in the specified area. It’s possible to mix colors and achieve a more realistic or nuanced look. The end result is a bit more flexible and flat than a vinyl printed image.

Screen printing is often used for mass design. It also allows for more detail. The downside is that it may take a little longer. It is also likely to cost more.

Washing T-Shirt

How to Take Care of Your T-Shirt

To maximize the lifespan of your T-shirt, and to keep it looking its best, proper maintenance is crucial. There are two basic considerations here: Washing and drying.

How to Wash Your T-Shirt

Some tips for effective washing include:

  • Never use bleach!
  • Machine wash on cold, with like colors.
  • Turn your shirt inside out to keep the graphic from fading. (This is especially useful for screen printed designs.)

How to Dry Your T-Shirt

The best way to dry a T-shirt is to hang it. This protects it from the harshness of a clothes dryer. Note that putting your T-shirt in the dryer will likely lead to shrinking. If you have to use a dryer, set it to low. This helps prevent shrinking. It also prevents damage to your T-shirt design.

The Best T-Shirt Designs for Electricians

As for some specific T-shirt designs for electricians, consider these recommendations.

Trade Life | Electrician No Bolt Stud
Bolt Stud Tradelife T-shirt for Men
Trade Life | Not bolt Stud Ladies
Bolt Stud Tradelife T-shirt for Women

1) “No Bolt Stud” T-Shirts for Men and Women

Check out the stylish “No Bolt Stud” design from Trade Life. You can find it to fit men or women.

electrian proud
Trade Life™ Proud To Be an Electrician for men

2) Trade Life™ Proud To Be an Electrician

Check out the stylish “Proud to be an Electrician” t-shirt from Trade Life. You can find it to fit men.

Trade Life | Electrician
Trade Life™ Men’s Amp It for Men

3) Trade Life™ Men’s Amp It

Check out the stylish “Trade Life™ Men’s Amp It” t-shirt from Trade Life. You can find it to fit men and women.

Trade Life | Reel Measure | Electrician
Trade Life™ Men’s Reel Measure

4) Trade Life™ Men’s Reel Measure

Check out the stylish “Trade Life™ Men’s Reel Measure” t-shirt from Trade Life. You can find it to fit men and women.

Electrician T-Shirt

5) American Electrician T-Shirt

For the electrician who’s proud to live and work in the United States. This shirt has a rugged “biker” style that many electricians will find appealing. Buy it on Etsy.

Trust Me Electrician T-Shirt

6) “Trust Me, I’m an Electrician” T-Shirt

Another shirt that’s funny and stylish. It’s a good pick for electricians who are proud of their work, but also have a good sense of humor about it. See it on Etsy.

King Of Trades Electrician T-Shirt

7) “King of Trades” T-Shirt

Do you feel like electricians represent the best of the tradesmen? If so, then this shirt is for you. You can find it on Amazon.

Electrician Rates T-Shirt

8) “Electrician Rates” T-Shirt

Searching for a humorous electrician T-shirt? This design is a true classic. It makes a wonderful Christmas gift, birthday gift, or Father’s Day gift. Check it out on teespring.com.

Electrician T-Shirt for Dads

9) Electrician T-Shirt for Dads

Speaking of Father’s Day gifts, this is a great option for electricians who also happen to be dads. See it on teespring.com.

What Doesn't Kill You Electrician T-Shirt

10) “What Doesn’t Kill You” T-Shirt

Electricians are tough, and this shirt lets everybody know it. You can find it for sale on TeeSpring.com.

Finding the Right T-Shirt for the Electrician in Your Life

There are plenty of ways to display your appreciation for electrical professionals. A T-shirt is one simple but meaningful option. There are many options out there, some funny and some heartfelt.

Be sure to keep in mind the different fabric and printing options. And, once you find the right shirt, take care of it properly! View our entire collection of electrician T-shirt designs for men and women.