Best Amazon alternative for plumber t-shirts

Trade Life shirts represent the hard-work ethic, grit, and determination of skilled trades workers.

At Trade Life, we saw a need in a clothing line for trades men and women. We designed shirts to represent the pride and value that trades men and women feel working in the trades. We know from first-hand experience that a career in the trades provides job stability, success, and helps a greater cause of keeping Americans safe in their homes and lives.

Trade Life is a great alternative to Amazon shirts because:

Trade Life’s mission is to increase awareness of job opportunities in the trades.

  • According to Top Trade School, there is a projected increase in trades demands by 10% in 2028. This a result of baby boomers who make up a large percentage of skilled trades workers. While computer and desk jobs might seem flashy, our country needs the young men and women who are skilled in trades to fill this 10% increase gap the trades are beginning to face. The need for skilled trades workers will not be going away anytime soon. By supporting Trade Life shirts, you’ll help the mission of increasing workers in these careers. And you’ll get to sport a comfortable, quality, locally-made product.

Trade Life shirts made with integrity and quality ingredients at an affordable price.

  • These high-quality shirts won’t rip or tear after a long day on the job. They are created for men and women who might get a little dirty and sweaty on the job. Using an ultra-soft cotton blend, these Gildan shirts are created to last and withstand the elements. Not only are they premium quality shirts, but they are made locally in Greenwood, Indiana. The owners of Trade Life seek ethical standards in the production of shirts.
Trade Life owner, Kelson Carter, is a 3rd generation licensed plumber. All shirts are created and made with quality ingredients in Greenwood, IN.

Trade Life shirts are created by people who work in the trades.

  • The owners of Trade Life own a plumbing company, and the shirts are crafted by the hands of fellow trades men and women. Rather than a random person designing your future shirt, these designs and logos are created by a family who is passionate about the trades. Each design is created with purpose. You can find each trade represented through a t-shirt on tradelife.com.

Trade Life is a voice for skilled trades men & women.

  • Check out Trade Life’s Instagram and Facebook to see where they post images of real men and women working in the trades. Trade Life seeks to share an authentic representation of Trades men & women – which is not found on Amazon.com’s options. Trade Life social media is aimed to be a voice for the trades, and also to show youth what a career in the skilled trades really looks like. It’s so much more than the negative connotations shared on Amazon and other website. Trade Life is a sustainable and fruitful career path.
Check out our social media accounts @livingthetrade

Trade Life shirts are appropriate for everyone in the family.

  • Many times the trades are portrayed as careers for men. Did you know women make up around 9% of skilled trades workers? Trade Life carries shirts for both men and women. Buy a shirt for your wife, husband, aunt, uncle, cousin, or friend. Not only does Trade Life carry women’s shirts, but they carry apparel for babies and children, too. Trade Life knows our Nation is dependent upon the next generation of skilled trades men and women. Start ’em young and buy a Trade Life shirt for your child, niece, nephew, or friend. There is a shirt for everyone at Trade Life.
Women's Raised in the Trades
Women’s and Children’s shirts are available /https://tradelife.com/product-category/ladies/

Buy a custom shirt for your company.

  • Trade Life partners with businesses to create a shirt with your company logo on the design and a Trade Life design on the back. A Trade Life shirt is a great gift for your company employees and unique way to spice up their work wardrobe. Contact [email protected] to order your custom shirts today!
Flow-Rite Plumbing & Drain Service partnered with Trade Life to purchase shirts for their team.

Be proud of your craft. Support Trade Life t-shirts to express the value and dedication you feel towards the skilled trades career path. Thousands of youth in the United States need to see your passion for the skilled trades. Support the trades and buy a Trade Life shirt today! www.tradelife.com