Follow your goal, buy a trade life shirt

Do you know WHY we rally behind Trade Life?

We are rallying behind the trades because not only is there a shortage, it is the fundamental skill set of the trades that built our nation. It’s hard work and grit that shows up every day to build homes, buildings and skyscrapers. Without the trades, the world as we know it wouldn’t be in existence. It takes the men and women in the trades to deliver construction, energy, home comfort systems, plumbing, road construction, and so much more that we all depend upon. 

We are a family-owned business with a passion for working in the trades. Our family is proud to work in an industry that is skilled, professional, and a necessity in our world. The trades are the backbone of our country. We created a lifestyle brand to promote the trades industry because we know the folks in this field are proud and want to show it! We also recognize the high demand for skilled trades workers, and the lack of knowledge around the opportunities that exist working in the trades. Our hope is to promote the trades through a clothing line that is high-quality and communicates an industry that needs a voice in the apparel world.

Jobs in the trades are in high demand – and those demands are only increasing. They require a hard work ethic, perseverance, and education in the skilled trades to succeed. When we started our plumbing business, we had no idea if it would succeed or fail. The journey to where we are today was not easy, but the small failures have taught us how to get back up. Years ago, we never would have dreamed of starting a clothing line, but one smell step after another led us to today.

How to Set your goal to go into the trades:

You may want to start with an aptitude test. Get a general idea of your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, interests and disinterests. Are you handy? Do you like tools? Do you feel you are skilled? Can you drive heavy machinery? What makes you content and happy in regards to a hobby? There are many signs to point you to a career in the trades. 

Trade Life™ is a lifestyle

Trade Life™ is a lifestyle brand for the tradesman or tradeswoman. People who live the trades as their professional career will love Trade Life™ t-shirts. Our mission is for the tradesman or tradeswoman to be proud to wear their gear. Trade Life™ is a life-calling vocational journey and represents a style of work. Represent your trade with Trade Life™! Plumbers who wear the Snake the Line T-shirt promote the Plumbing trade and build awareness to the public. 

Follow your goal and buy a trade life shirt today! After receiving your shirt, tag us and write review on our website, amazon com, and follow us on social media at @livingthetrade and we will send you a free Trade Life sticker! Be proud, work hard, and take small steps towards your dreams. We can’t wait to see where the Trade Life will take you!