Why Don’t Plumbers Wear Longer Shirts to Prevent Their Butt Crack from Showing as They Work?

We all know that plumbers are infamous for the old butt crack. However, they do not like to be the butt of this joke. In fact, it is upsetting to most licensed plumbers when they have been labeled like this. A simple solution might be seen by wearing a belt or a longer shirt. But at the end of the day, there is so much more that goes into the crack that the everyday person doesn’t recognize. So, why don’t plumbers wear longer shirts to prevent their butt crack from showing as they work? Read below for some reasons why this may or may not work for a plumber.

Problems with Longer Shirts to Cover a Plumber Butt Crack

#1 Hazardous Plumber Butt Crack Solution

One of the more obvious solutions to a plumbers butt crack is to wear a longer shirt. However, wearing a longer shirt means more material to wear which leads to potentially hazardous situations. Plumbers are always crawling through crawl spaces and fitting into areas where the everyday person doesn’t normally see themselves in. Having excess material could lead to a plumber getting caught in a crawl space and unable to get out. Plumbers also deal with a large amount of machinery. Having excess material from a longer shirt could get stuck in the machine and ultimately be deadly. Excess material can also get caught in tools like drills. While this may seem like a simple fix, a longer shirt to cover a plumbers butt crack could be very hazardous.

#2 Uncomfortable Plumber Butt Crack Solution

Along with excess fabric comes discomfort. Having a longer shirt will mean more material around the midsection on the body. After a while, this will tend to bunch up and form a feel or discomfort. After a hard day of work, bending over, crawling through tight spaces, and reaching hard to reach areas, something a plumber will want to control will be their comfort. Another reason a longer shirt to prevent their butt crack from showing may not be a good idea is that all that material can trap heat. This will lead to a very uncomfortable feeling as the plumber will be very hot on the job.

#3 Unavailable Plumber Butt Crack Solution

Another huge factor here is that most plumbers work for a licensed company. Companies wear uniforms for work and in most cases, uniforms are not available in longer shirt sizes. You might find this in “Big and Tall” sizing but this is not offered to all uniforms. “Big and Tall” sizing is also meant to fit a broader build, so the slimmer plumber will not be able to fit this specific sizing.

Longer Shirts to Prevent a Plumber Butt Crack

However, if the plumber is self-conscious and wants to try and cover the crack a longer shirt could be a start. The pros are that a longer shirt will definitely cover the crack The plumber will just need to be sure to stay out of harm’s way, always keep it tucked in, and try to find a lightweight material. To learn more about longer shirts or more ways to prevent their butt crack from showing, read our article on “How to Fix Plumber’s Crack”.

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