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Craftsmanship comes from craftsman, originally meaning “physical strength.” It has over time evolved to mean trade or handicraft. Craftsmen are skilled trade workers, who during their workday, use hand tools, power tools, and other machinery. Many spend years perfecting their craft and are usually highly specialized in their knowledge and abilities. There are three factors that help explain craftsmanship.  Craftsmanship has specific characteristics, experience, and importance.

Characteristics of the Finest Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is an attitude, a way of life, a set of values and beliefs we live by and encourage others to as well. In this world, we seek “instant gratification” foregoing the benefits of “delayed gratification”. Putting off your desire now, knowing the future holds an even more rewarding outcome. Craftsmanship is a hard-earned title. A Craftsman’s masterpiece does not come without the hard work and dedication, they have tirelessly invested.

The 8 defining characteristics that mark a master craftsman.

  • To be motivated by mastery rather than the status quo.
  • Sacrificing finances, free time and relationships in order to perfect the skill.
  • Know the goal and believe in the end-value of what they are making.
  • Balancing the passion of history and tradition with the inner drive to innovate.
  • Plan and be organized to think things through before the work begins.
  • Totally immersed in the task at hand and zoned-in on their work.
  • Dedicated to their craft making it a habit of daily life.
  • Always striving for perfection and knowing that you never really achieve it.


Experience is the key to the success of a craftsman as well as their survival. Working as an apprentice is a way for a craftsman to gain experience, gaining the knowledge needed from a more established craftsman. The majority of craftsman, develop their skills while working on the job. Options do exist to enter into the master craftsman program, which promotes excellence in a specific craft or trait. Vocational schools offer relatively short career-focused programs and another possible way to furthering education. No matter which path is taken, preparing oneself for excellence is a sure way to gain the title craftsman.

Why is Craftsmanship Important

Finest Craftsmanship is investing your time with a craft, consistently showing up and learning. We, as well as others around us, begin to recognize an increased skill level. Originality is another important trait of a craftsman. A professional craftsman is innovative, they are advanced in their skilled craft, and find new strategies and ways of doing things.

Finest Craftsman inspires others to excel in their work, and often offer resources to help achieve goals. Our work is important to us, as well as to others around us. Craftsmanship is fulfilling work, and craftsmen will give quality work. As creatives, we should challenge ourselves to approach our work with excellence. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a creative or a craftsman, craftsmanship is an attitude and a way of life. We would be wise to develop this type of attitude and I believe we would find the work we do much more fulfilling. We would be building relationships, as well as products, lasting a lifetime!!

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