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Construction work is one of the most dangerous professions on the planet, coming in second only to the transportation and warehousing industry. There are a lot of safety hazards, such as loose scaffolding, use of heavy machinery, and the need to often work at heights where falling can lead to serious injury or even death. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), falls are the leading cause of death in this work field. Much of these can be prevented by careful planning, proper training, and finally, equipping the right work gear.

Usually, suitable work attire for most professions is dictated by societal norms. In the case of engineers, the clothing offers a more pragmatic function instead of just aesthetics. The harsh working conditions faced on site necessitate the use of tough work clothes that offer protection to the user and last for a long time. Where a normal pair of jeans will last you a couple of months at best, a pair of well-manufactured work pants can serve you well over a year. Hence, it is a good idea to invest a bit of money into your work wardrobe and place the right items in your cart. Below, we have compiled a list of the essential gear you should have on-site and the brands well-known for manufacturing good quality work gear.


Trade Life for Construction

At a worksite, all workers are at risk of being injured by falling objects. Hence, hard hats are the first level of defense you should invest in when working on site. The importance of this little safety article is highlighted by the fact that wearing a hard hat at all times on site is a legal requirement in many countries. Plus, the color of your hard hat serves to communicate your role to other people on site. Even visitors to the site often have to wear hard hats, though their color is different from letting everyone know that they are not employees. It’s important to check job safety requirements. LIFT Safety, Pyramex Safety, and MSA Safety make hard hats that are functional yet stylish.

Trade Life hat

Wearing a Trade Life Hat is stylish for everyday wear!

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High-quality Safety-toe Footwear & Socks

The human toe is not built to take a heavy impact on head-on. All of us have stubbed our toes on a table or desk and cried out in sheer pain at least once in our lifetimes. If just bumping your toe hurts this much, imagine the pure agony of dropping a 10 kg metal rod on it. Therefore, investing in a good pair of boots with toe protection features is a good idea. There are generally three main types available; Steel toe, Alloy toe, or composite toe safety shoes. In these boots, the layer on the cap of the boot above your toe has a strong material such as steel, an alloy, or composite material. The purpose of this material is to absorb any impact and prevent your toe from being crushed in the event of an accident. Steel and Alloy Toe boots offer more protection since they can handle a higher impact mass. Composite toe boots, on the other hand, are made from strong non-metal materials such as Kevlar, carbon fiber, hard plastic, or fiberglass. This allows them to be much more lightweight than their steel toe or alloy toe counterparts while retaining much of the strength. They are also better insulators for heat and electricity.

All these benefits come at a cost, though; composite toe boots are often pricier than steel or alloy toe boots are and can add up in your cart. If wearing steel toe boots feels like you are dragging bricks with your feet, you may opt for the composite toe versions. Just make sure that the boots have the proper ANSI and ASTM standard rating and are up to your job requirements. Some jobs require the extra strength of the steel toe boots. Boots like these also sport strong soles and ankle support to navigate the unsteady ground of a job site easily. Some also offer waterproofing, which might be a good idea, especially for underground industrial work. Waterproof boots are also especially good at keeping your toes warm so that they might be an ideal choice in colder environments. Just make sure to pair them with good thermal socks to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Discomfort brings down productivity, so it is well-advised to feel comfortable enough in your work gear to reach your full potential.

Quality safety toe boots are available from Timberland Pro, Wolverine, and Filson.



A lot of hands-on work is usually required on job sites. Some of these jobs require you to wear protective gloves while doing them. While a lot of gloves will work at general-purpose tasks like keeping your hand warm and preventing abrasions, different types of gloves are better suited to different jobs. You should have anti-vibration gloves when operating heavy machinery. Grip gloves are required when handling greasy materials. Heat-resistant gloves are suitable for jobs such as cutting or welding metals. Rigger gloves are used when undertaking tasks such as rigging or laying cable. You should always make sure you are wearing the right gloves for the job. Carhartt, Duluth Trading Company, and Mechanix manufacture work gloves of the highest quality.

Face protection

Jobs that introduce the danger of flying debris or dust getting in your eyes, such as metal cutting, necessitate the use of appropriate eye protection such as safety goggles.  If you are welding metals together, you will require a welding helmet to protect your eyes from the brightness and your face from the hot sparks flying around. When exposed to dangerous chemicals, chemical splash goggles may be required. Apart from your eyes and face, you need to protect your ears at a job site. With lots of heavy equipment like jackhammers and chainsaws operating continuously at unsafe noise levels, you can permanently damage your hearing if you do not have the appropriate ear protection gear. Pre-molded or formable earplugs are a good choice, but foam-lined earmuffs with a tight seal can work too. Honeywell safety, Pyramax safety, and Lift safety manufacture protection equipment that is up to ANSI and ASTM standards.

Reflective/High visibility garments

Brightly colored reflective jackets are crucial for worker visibility. As there often is a considerable amount of machinery and heavy materials on site, it is advisable to have these on at all times to minimize the risk of an accident. However, High-visibility jackets become an absolute requirement when working along active roads and in low lightings, such as during nighttime work.

Work Pants and Shirts

When at a construction site, you should have thick, flexible workwear, full-length shirts, and trousers. If it is extremely hot on a particular day, you may be tempted to put on shorts and half-sleeved polo shirts. This is not advisable, as these don’t provide your body with the protection against cuts, scrapes, and burns you are at risk of on-site. You should always consider thick full-sleeved workwear that covers your forearms and ankles and fit closely against your body. Wearing baggy clothes or freely hanging items like ties may introduce the risk of being tangled in heavy machinery and, as a result, causing injuries. You should never compromise on your comfort and mobility by wearing the wrong workwear. In cold conditions, wearing thermal clothing and layering your workwear will trap air and insulate your body. In wet environments, a waterproof jacket is a must. However, it should be breathable, so it is easy to work in. It is also a good idea to wear kneepads over your trousers to provide further joint protection. As an added bonus, they would also protect your trousers from getting messy should you have to kneel down to do some work. Filson, Carhartt, and Duluth Trading Company are our go-to picks to buy work pants and shirts. They also offer High-Vis jackets.#Tradelife Mens

  1. Additional safety equipment

When working at height, a safety harness must be used. PFP – Personal Fall Protection – is an entire class of personal protective equipment, which aims to minimize falls and injuries due to falls. Many different types of PFP equipment pieces are available for varying construction works. Respiratory protection is also another class of equipment used where workers are exposed to airborne hazards. Facemasks and full respirators are great protection during riskier jobs on site. You should make sure that your employer supplies this additional safety equipment whenever the job calls for it. If you can’t decide between functional work clothing and fashion, you need not worry. Modern workwear brands such as Duluth Trading Company, Carhartt, Caterpillar, and Filson, among many others, have struck such a balance that you can be confident enough to go to an after-work party in the same work clothing you went to work in.

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What kind of clothes do construction workers wear?

Workers’ clothes come in all fashions, styles, materials, and designs. Construction clothing comes in rugged styles and material. Work clothes for men are specially designed for durability and dependability. The most popular brand is Carhart. They have styles to meet every weather element. Their store has a wide variety of styles and they carry almost every size. Their clothing has a special emblem on every piece displaying their logo. They offer their in-store items online as well. If you are their customer they will deliver right to your mailbox!

  1. What should I wear for construction?

When you work outside in the winter it’s important to prepare for the weather. Many items have special features of layering that makes it easy to shed throughout the day when you get too warm. It’s good to keep a weather-proof jacket close by on those gray rainy days. Another online company that has good dependability is Duluth Trading Company. They have a huge menu of a special item just for the worker! They are definitely in the fashion category with their wide variety of styles. Be sure to sort through their website out! Their email address is included for Q&A about their products.Raised in the trades

Who makes the best carpenter pants?

Are you one of those customers who love an item to not only look good but be useful? Carpenter pants were designed for the painting customer in mind. They have several pockets and to carry your special item for a specific project. Carpenter pants have been around since the 1990s. They were very popular in the hip hop scene. They were popularized by Tommy Hilfiger brand. Who makes the best carpenter pants in our opinion is Wrangler. although it’s a close call between Dickies. You can’t beat a jean company that will carry a variety of styles like carpenter pants! If you leave us your email address, we’ll send you a comparison for carpenter pants.

What material are work pants made of?

You will want to check the tag of your clothing to make sure you get an item with comfort. Cotton is always the most comfortable material close to the skin. Durability is another factor and it’s important to get the most use out of your clothes. Women like softer materials, whereas, men may want more durable material.Carpenter Woman Product is always important no matter what fabric is used. Other features that should be considered are service, shipping, and stores. You want to reply to the company you are buying from. For example, an Amazon account offers an easy return process. If you search for tools you may find an exclusive type of product but a company that is difficult to communicate with. After you submit your order it may charge you another price in the cart. After you receive a product it’s important to do a review. That way a company’s reputation will play an important factor when purchasing.