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To get ahead in a competitive world we must be able to think critically, be innovative, solve problems, and create solutions. Trades will give you the opportunity to be creative, use the tools you have been given, and think outside the everyday box we become so accustomed to!! The picture above describes it so beautifully. Taking all words away from our mouth, and in one picture showing us “little minds” working together to create something unique. Living the “Trade Life” might for you be living your “Best Life” 🙂

1.  Construction Trade

Construction belt

Construction needs are on the rise, despite the labor shortage around the world. Data collected by Sageworks, “The top 10 industries with the highest sales growth rates are related to construction including building finishing contractors, residential and nonresidential builders, mechanical systems contractors and civil engineering construction companies.” If you are entering the career field and looking into different options, this trade might just be your answer. The average salary for construction trade is 95,000 a year, making it one of the highest-paid trades in the nation. Construction manager’s salaries are comparable to some engineers and computer programmers. In large metropolitan areas, construction managers are paid as high as 150,000 annually.

2. What are the different construction trade opportunities?

There are a variety of construction trade opportunities. Researching and defining what you enjoy personally, allows you to narrow down your options. A few options in trade life for construction may pique your interest and send you researching the possibilities!!

*Boilermakers which install and repair boilers.

*Carpenters, which build frameworks, stairways, and different home structures.

*Bricklayers use brick, concrete, and stone to build walkways, walls, fences, and other items.

*Plumbers & Pipefitters installing and repairing pipes that carry liquids to and from home or business

  • Electricians install and repair electrical power
  • Sheet metal workers fabricate products made from thin metal sheets.

Check out this website if you are in the process of constructing your future. With so many opportunities and roads that lead in all different directions, taking time to pause and research is not only important it is necessary.

3. How to get into Construction

So you might be asking how do you get involved in this construction trade, full of opportunity and excitement! First and foremost get your high school diploma or GED.  If you did not graduate from high school, the US Department of Labor offers programs to receive your GED. Depending on the trade you choose, you could complete an associate’s degree from a trade school of your choice. One of the most common ways to learn a skilled trade is by applying for an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships usually take between one and six years. Apprenticeship is a combo of on the job training and time spent in a classroom. In an apprenticeship, you get paid while learning on the job by the professional. You will be getting paid while learning your specific trade. Typically, your pay will increase as you acquire and master your skills and training.

Construction Sign

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